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"scotty doesnt know that fiona and me do it in his van every sunday, she tells him shes in church but shes on her knees and scotty doesnt know,scotty doesnt know,scotty doesnt know"

okay so last night was oh so fun.went to a local show. the silence fucking kicked ass and we went in the "marsh pit" ...good times.then came on fake problems, and they were like indie-pop and were like uber-cool...after the show, me and myles hung out with summer and trip and people until like 1 am and then took a cab back to myles house...i slept then....i am so fucking tired!!!! dude iw anna do something but no one else is like home who i have called! except myles-and we all know how fun he is!!!!!:)alright well if someone wants to do something call me....
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