hearts_are_torn (hearts_are_torn) wrote,

hmm well this weekend was kinda awkward..i went to the movies saturday with alley/anjelica/caroline and someother ppl i hardly know.. coutrny,being the bitch she is didnt want me in the movie because then myles wouldnt "get anything" as she says..courtney si a true bitch..i wish she wasnt so fake though, she could be a little cool. ishe also says she is in love and i have never been in love,what a hoot. i love leigh still and always will, she needs to get over herself...eneough of the lj bashing..so today i went to the mall with myles, saw alley and some other random people..good times..except i feel like crap..ever since the fucking dance i have been so sick..maybe i got something sipped in my drink....DATE RAPE
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